Power your institution with Syllabus Plus

Optimise timetabling, resource booking and exam scheduling to deliver an enhanced student experience

Deliver continuous innovation to your institution

Syllabus Plus delivers world-leading academic timetabling and scheduling resources for higher and further education institutions.

From ensuring the right people are in the right place to efficient resource optimisation, our solution enables you to achieve institutional goals, while providing a world-class student experience.

Experience the latest evolution in academic timetabling

Syllabus Plus delivers the scheduling capabilities that you need to run your tertiary institution and ensure you are making the best use of your people, places and resources.

Our solution brings greater flexibility and improved efficiency to make timetabling a valuable strategic resource within your institution. Many of the everyday functions such as making adjustments to a timetable, ad-hoc booking of resources and student access to personalised timetables can be managed from anywhere, on any device, through an easy-to-use interface.

Eliminate complexity with powerful resource management

Make the processes which underpin effective resource utilisation in your institution faster and more efficient. With simplified booking of all resource types, you can ensure you are making full use of resources across your tertiary institution.

With powerful reporting and audit tools, actionable insights are at your fingertips 24/7. From space modelling to room utilisation analysis, Syllabus Plus enables you to make evidence-based decisions.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Scientia acquisition and how does it impact customers?

    Scientia will incorporate its world-leading enterprise scheduling and timetabling product with TechnologyOne’s OneEducation ERP SaaS solution. Scientia customers will be able to continue using their Syllabus Plus product without impact, however will gain the opportunity to access TechnologyOne’s market-leading enterprise SaaS solution built specifically for the higher education market, as well as benefit from the company’s millions of dollars’ of investment in the evolution of its software.

    Existing Scientia customers can choose to expand their TechnologyOne footprint and take advantage of the broader OneEducation solution, and once the integration of Syllabus Plus is complete, will enjoy a single user interface and experience across the entire TechnologyOne enterprise suite of products.

  • Who is Scientia/Cyon Knowledge Computing?

    Cyon Knowledge Computing is the Asia/Pacific subsidiary of Scientia UK Ltd., developers of sophisticated scheduling solutions and allocation systems. Established since 1989, Scientia and Cyon Knowledge Computing provide market-leading academic timetabling & resource scheduling software to hundreds of higher and further education institutions.

  • Why did TechnologyOne acquire Scientia?

    TechnologyOne provides the deepest functionality for the markets we serve. This acquisition supports TechnologyOne’s strategic focus to deliver the deepest functionality for higher education, and accelerate growth and competitive positioning. It further enhances TechnologyOne’s market leading position by becoming the only ERP provider in the world to offer this solution to the higher education market, as part of a full enterprise suite.

  • What is the impact for TechnologyOne customers?

    TechnologyOne customers will continue to enjoy the same OneEducation experience as they do today, however they will now have the option to expand their existing enterprise suite to include Scientia’s enterprise scheduling and timetabling product. Interested customers should discuss this with their TechnologyOne Customer Account Manager.

    For existing customers that are already using both OneEducation and Syllabus Plus, they will benefit from a single user interface and experience across all products, once the integration of Scientia’s software into TechnologyOne’s enterprise suite is complete.

  • Who is TechnologyOne’s OneEducation solution available to?

    TechnologyOne’s OneEducation solution and ERP SaaS products are available to all Scientia and TechnologyOne higher and further education customers across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Customers interested in expanding their product use should contact their Scientia Relationship Manager or TechnologyOne Customer Account Manager.

  • Will Syllabus Plus be built using the same TechnologyOne software interface?

    TechnologyOne is currently working to incorporate Scientia’s Syllabus Plus software within our OneEducation SaaS ERP solution. Once complete, customers will enjoy a single user interface and experience across the entire enterprise suite of products.

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