Stage 5

Make the move

Executing a successful transition to SaaS

How do I begin my SaaS transition?

You’ve done all the preparation, now it’s time to start executing your transformation. The first step is to clearly define your project timeline and the future state of your organisation on SaaS including key risks, mitigation strategies, roles and responsibilities. Defining this at the outset will enable you to maximise adoption and minimise disruption.


Making the move to SaaS

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What are the steps in a SaaS transition?

TechnologyOne allocates a Project Manager and Technical Account Manager to lead the transition at no cost to your organisation. The transition process is based on a five-phase methodology, starting with the Discover phase:
  • 1. Discover

    • Project kick-off
    • SaaS solution design workshop
    • Company orientation
    • On-premise performance baseline testing
    • SaaS solution design
  • 2. Configure

    • Data upload
    • Implement on-premise and SaaS configuration changes
    • SaaS vs on-premise performance baseline comparison
    • SaaS environment validation
  • 3. Accept

    • Key user training
    • User acceptance testing and issue resolution using test environment with business data
    • Operations planning
    • SaaS solution acceptance
  • 4. Deploy

    • Cutover plan finalisation
    • Final data upload
    • Go-live cutover
    • Validation testing and go-live approval
    • Go-live
    • Rollout quick wins
  • 5. Close

    • Acceptance of Production SaaS environment
    • Operational handover

How long should a SaaS transition take?

For an organisation that is configured with TechnologyOne SaaS, it takes approximately eight weeks, with approximately 40-50 working days allocated to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in a test environment with the organisation's data, but this can vary depending on technical requirements and the complexities involved.

Why is it important to move to SaaS first

Management of an enterprise software solution isn’t a core business objective for your organisation – so why make that a focus? Moving to SaaS is a logical step for organisations that are serious about operating efficiently and securely in the 21st century and beyond.​

​SaaS simplifies and stabilises the platform, brings the company up-to-date on the latest release, and accelerates time to value based on ongoing transformation and modernisation as new enhancements are released annually.​

​Team members can tap into a modern user interface on any device, anywhere, at any time and collaborate on the go. TechnologyOne’s SaaS Platform offers the highest level of security, always-on reliability and the opportunity to scale usage up-or-down to suit your business’ needs. Knowing that system upgrades, data security and performance are taken care of, means you can concentrate on your core business and your customers.

How do I measure success?

In a successful transition, your organisation should be able to maintain day-to-day operations with minimum and preferably no disruption. When you partner with TechnologyOne you benefit from a direct relationship throughout every step of your journey - from implementation to transformation. Our trusted team of experts will partner with you to unlock the value of your technology investment and set you up for success.​

Director, Business Services
Victorian Institute of Teaching

The new system is modern, streamlined and very appealing to look at. Even though we offered training, most people turned out not to need it – the TechnologyOne solution is so easy to master.

Case study

Learn from those who’ve reimagined

Victorian Institute of Teaching
Scripture Union Queensland has enhanced the speed and accuracy of its financial management function by moving to SaaS.

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