Welcome to the TechnologyOne Customer Community

A place to connect, chat and collaborate with TechnologyOne and other customers

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The TechnologyOne Customer Community is a central hub for customers to engage, access support information and raise cases online.


Browse popular topics, articles and discussions at a glance; don’t miss out on coming events and useful tips.

Personalised quick links

Jump back into a case or conversation with quick links to your recently viewed Cases and Groups.

Trending articles

Instantly see the most popular articles based on the number of recent views.


Topics highlight current, popular community conversations, and help to organise records in a better way, to make searching easier for you.

Easier to find information on topics across product groups.

Access to experts and knowledgeable people.

See what's trending.

Find out how many people are talking about a topic.

Mobile Support

Always have the vital information you need right at your fingertips. Collaborate anywhere, from any device with powerful mobile support tools.

Mobile Support

Keep the conversation going.

Stay in touch with the community.

Collaborate anywhere from any device.

Update your case on the go.

Real-time updates for posts and replies.

Raise cases

An efficient way to raise and review cases.

Raise cases directly.

View all case activity, including emails, in your case feed.

Receive real-time updates on posts and replies.

Update your case on the go with mobile support.


Access new and existing knowledge articles quickly and easily.


Search knowledge articles to inform decision making.

Rate articles to indicate their usefulness.

Refine your search by product and article type.

See the articles that are most viewed and highest rated.


Share your thoughts and ideas to influence future product direction.

Share ideas for product enhancements.

Search for other ideas by product, keywords and organisation.

Vote on ideas with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Quick click to view the ideas you’ve previously voted on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the change?

FogBugz is being replaced with the TechnologyOne Customer Community - a central hub for TechnologyOne customers to connect, chat and collaborate.

The Customer Community will streamline your support experience with us, allowing you to efficiently raise cases online and access all support information and activity.

How can I access the TechnologyOne Customer Community?

If you are new to the Customer Community, you’ll receive an email from TechnologyOne with your login details to join.

If you already have access to the Customer Community, through another TechnologyOne product, then it’s business as usual. You’ll now be able to raise Spatial cases by selecting Spatial in the Product Affected field.

Will I still be able to access Fogbugz?

You will be able to log into Fogbugz for a short period of time while we continue to manage active support cases through to resolution in Fogbugz.

However, all new cases need to be raised in the TechnologyOne Customer Community.

For your convenience, existing knowledge articles will be available in the Customer Community.

Will I be able to see my cases raised in Fogbugz in the Customer Community?

Previous case data will be not be migrated from Fogbugz to the Customer Community. However TechnologyOne Spatial Support staff will have access to Fogbugz for future reference if required.