Yarra Ranges Shire Council embarks on customer-focused transformation

Brisbane, 8 July 2019 –Victoria’s Yarra Ranges Council has selected TechnologyOne to partner with over the next five years to deliver the OneCouncil Software as a Service (Saas) solution that extends a productive working relationship.

Yarra Ranges will replace its legacy billing and revenue, asset management and payroll systems with TechnologyOne’s fully integrated OneCouncil SaaS solution, developed specifically for Local Government.

The transformative project will provide numerous benefits for the council including a modern online platform and consistent user interface, where the community can self-service online at any time.

Yarra Ranges CEO Tammi Rose said the Council chose TechnologyOne because its solution aligned strongly with Council’s strategic direction tochange the way it thinks, works and delivers for the community.

“Our existing core business systems lacked the integration and sophistication required to better understand and serve our customers,” Rose said.

“Adopting the OneCouncil solution will integrate our billing, asset and payroll data with our existing TechnologyOne software, streamlining our operations and delivering a single source of truth.”

Rose added: “Moving to Software as a Service will remove the complexity of running and updating our software and infrastructure as TechnologyOne will take care of this for us.”

“This simplified approach will allow us to become more efficient, more agile and draw upon real-time information with ease.”

TechnologyOne’s enterprise software underpins the day-to-day operations and strategic requirements of Local Governments with a single, integrated solution available anywhere, any time and on any device.

Stuart MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer, TechnologyOne said the deal signifies TechnologyOne’s continued strength as the preferred supplier for Local Government enterprise SaaS solutions.

“We’re proud to continue our longstanding partnership with Yarra Ranges Council,” McDonald said.

“As councils evolve, they need a technology partner that will continue to evolve with them and meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

“Our ability to evolve, innovate and change has been key to our success – we offer greater flexibility via a true enterprise SaaS solution with powerful mobile capabilities. We’re seeing more and more councils mature and move to SaaS as a result of this – SaaS is the best platform for enhanced service delivery.”

More than 73 per cent of the Australian and New Zealand population live in a council powered by TechnologyOne.