The Case for Evolution

With the global economy facing meltdown, Australian software provider TechnologyOne is continuing to promote its commitment to evolution to stay at the forefront of technological development.

The organisation will use its TechnologyOne Evolve 2009 user conference this week as a platform to announce exciting advances such as one hour software upgrades and the ability to upgrade products individually within its solution suite, delivering new features and functions at a more cost effective and rapid rate.

TechnologyOne founder and Executive Chairman, Adrian Di Marco, says that these developments signal a new phase in the development of enterprise software solutions.

“This is really exciting stuff and places TechnologyOne way ahead of its competitors. Within the next 12 months we’re going to be offering our customers software upgrades that only take an hour to implement.”

Traditional upgrades can take up to a week to implement and can be a costly exercise, which ultimately means that less people upgrade their software even though new software can deliver significant business benefits.

“A one hour upgrade means the system is back up and working quicker, and it’s much cheaper to implement, so more people are going to be able to take advantage of technology developments.”

“Our customers are going to save money and we’re going to win more business because we’re setting the benchmark with our promise of one hour per release per product. No one else even comes close at the moment,” said Mr Di Marco.

“Our customers are witnessing unprecedented evolution in our products, and all this is taking place at a rate that would not have seemed possible 10 years ago,” said Mr Di Marco.

Other commitments TechnologyOne is making include the ability to upgrade individual products within its enterprise suite, which has not previously been possible for enterprise solutions.

“Later this year we will begin sending our customers releases that allow individual products within our enterprise suite to be upgraded. This will be a huge step forward for organisations, because traditionally they have been tied into upgrading everything at the same time, which can prove very expensive and high risk.”

“We’re making sure we listen and work with our customers to produce what they want, and developing this capability has been a huge priority for us.”

“Our customers will continue to maintain all the customisations they have made to their software prior to the upgrade, so the ability to gain huge business benefits from upgrading will be accessible to everyone.”

“Perhaps best of all for our customers, our upgrades are free because they come as part of the annual licence fee,” said Mr Di Marco.

TechnologyOne has been incorporating ‘evolution’ into its business practices for a number of years, ensuring that product upgrades are delivered every 6 months, which is at odds with other multinational ERP vendors who generally offer releases every 2 to 3 years.

TechnologyOne also works closely with its customers to gain constant feedback, which is then included in new releases. TechnologyOne’s latest technology release, TechnologyOne Mobility, has involved working with a number of councils in Australia and New Zealand to develop a mobile solution for field workers.

TechnolologyOne’s commitment to continuous evolution means that the company invests significantly in ongoing research and development. In the past five years TechnologyOne has invested approximately $67.4 million in research and development on both existing and new products, which equates to approximately 20 per cent of revenue each year.

The company’s evolutionary approach has served it well. In 2005 TechnologyOne began rolling out its latest technology platform, Connected Intelligence, which ensures fast roll out of upgrades and provides the ability to tailor information to individual users.

The Connected Intelligence platform has also significantly cut down the need to train existing and new staff, as the internet-based solution is both familiar and easy to use.

The TechnologyOne Evolve user conference runs from Tuesday 24 to Friday 27 February at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre and will attract more than one thousand Australian and international CEOs, CIOs and ICT representatives.