TechnologyOne software helps local council realise climate change strategy

Campbelltown City Council in Adelaide has purchased TechnologyOne software solutions to help it progress its new climate change strategy, understand its emission profile, and support State Government.

The South Australian Government has publicly stated its intention to be a leader in addressing climate change and aims to reduce State emissions by 60% by 2050 - a goal that requires local government support.

In 2009, the State Government introduced emissions reporting and reduction as new criteria for the annual Grants Commission Return, which each council must submit to secure its funding from the Federal allocation.

The Local Government Association of South Australia has also committed $600,000 to help local councils develop climate change adaptation plans with the goal of having the first 25 plans completed by the end of 2009.

The new TechnologyOne solution will enable Campbelltown City Council to pinpoint where it currently stands, especially in relation to the National Greenhouse Reporting Initiative (NGER), which has serious consequences for organisations that do not comply, including fines of up to $220,000 and personal liability for CEOs.

It will also help the Council become more accountable to - and set an example for - the Campbelltown community.
Campbelltown City Council CEO, Paul Di Iulio, said that it was necessary to act now and that it was an easy decision to work with TechnologyOne on the initiative.

"The immediate benefit we could see was that by using TechnologyOne software, we would be able to capture all the relevant data in one place and keep it under our control," Mr Di Iulio said.

"The new system will also save us time. We were working with a global climate protection program, but it required a lot of duplication, necessitating months of work manually rekeying data. TechnologyOne is helping us to streamline all of this and we can monitor how our emissions are faring in real time."

Campbelltown City Council already has TechnologyOne Financials and Payroll systems, and was capturing all the data it needed regarding its electricity, fuel and gas usage, and waste output.

By implementing TechnologyOne Enterprise Budgeting and Business Intelligence it will simply take the next step to collate this information, apply the relevant formulae to calculate its emissions, and present the information in a meaningful way.

Campbelltown City Council will use TechnologyOne Enterprise Budgeting to create an emissions budget, in the same way it would for a financial budget, enabling it to set forward projections and keep across the performance of each department or cost centre. It will then use Business Intelligence to report on this.

TechnologyOne Business Intelligence (BI) collates real time data from all areas of an organisation and directs it to the relevant staff, presenting it in an easy to understand format on their desktops.

For example, a user's ‘BI Dashboard' can display a number of gauges showing how far they are from reaching a specific target using traffic light colour codes and percentages. Staff and management can also use it to publish instant reports showing up to the minute data and analysis.

Mr Di Iulio said the fact that Council could use Business Intelligence to showcase its achievements to the community made it particularly attractive.

"We will be able to run reports instantly in a simple, intuitive and appealing format that anyone with an interest can read and understand," he said.

By integrating the new solutions with its existing TechnologyOne software, the Council will be able to gain an accurate, real time view of all its operations and their emissions, set targets to reduce them, keep staff informed so they can take action to achieve their targets, publish updates for the community, and satisfy all current Government reporting requirements.

TechnologyOne's straightforward approach to carbon accounting has sparked a lot of interest from customers that see emissions reporting legislation as inevitable, because it is a relatively simple and cost-effective process to adapt their current software solutions.

TechnologyOne Executive Chairman, Adrian Di Marco, said a lot of products on the market that calculated carbon emissions did not do so in real time, so organisations could not immediately take action.

"The system we have developed can make up part of every employee or manager's personal dashboard, tracking the emissions against targets so they can see where they have to realise efficiencies and develop strategic plans to achieve this," Mr Di Marco said.

Campbelltown City Council expects the new system to go live in early 2010.