TechnologyOne showcases its enterprise software and a proven transition to GST for Malaysian customers

TechnologyOne showcased its TechnologyOne Cloud and the next evolution of its enterprise software, Ci Anywhere, to more than 50 delegates at a Malaysian Customer Day in September. 

With a focus on the importance of transitioning to the future, the event was a timely reminder for businesses who are preparing for the impending introduction of GST on 1 April 2015. 

The 6% GST will apply to all sales transactions and replaces the existing consumption-based Sales and Service Tax (SST), which includes a 10% sales tax and a 6% service tax.

Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said TechnologyOne’s future-proof software will ensure customers are ready for the introduction of GST in Malaysia. 

“TechnologyOne has helped hundreds of organisations transition to GST in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea,” he said.

“Our experience has taught us that preparing for the introduction of GST is a process similar to most implementation projects involving a new compliance system.

“There are many software considerations surrounding the introduction of GST, including changes to financial management, procurement and payroll, as well as reporting to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. 

“Businesses can easily simplify this transition by ensuring their enterprise software has already addressed the requirements for recording and reporting GST transactions. TechnologyOne has the expertise and proven GST compliant software to ensure our Malaysian customers are GST ready well before 1 April 2015.”

Mr Di Marco said the GST change is just one example of how TechnologyOne uses technology to provide its customers to embrace change. 

“Substantial investment into R&D each year means we provide our customers a strong, continuing competitive advantage through an enterprise solution that adapts and evolves by embracing new technologies, concepts and innovation,” he said. 

TechnologyOne has had a successful year in Malaysia, securing its first student management deal with Curtin University Sarawak, and recording more than 200 per cent revenue growth for the Malaysian Business. 

The company has said it will continue to invest in local resource capabilities as part of its commitment to building a strong regional presence.