TechnologyOne secures first win for new ‘One’ sector-solutions

Hurstville City Council has become the first organisation to purchase TechnologyOne's new preconfigured, best practice solution for local government, called OneCouncil.

Hurstville City Council chose TechnologyOne's OneCouncil after undertaking a thorough evaluation of enterprise software available on the market.

It is an important win for the Australian software company, which has realigned its internal structure and worked with hundreds of customers to deliver new preconfigured solutions for its target markets, including government, health, utilities, financial services and community services.

TechnologyOne has designed the solutions, which are branded as ‘OneCouncil', ‘OneAirport' and ‘OneHealth', to be an 80 per cent fit to a customer's business, ‘out of the box'.  This approach then offers flexibility to allow the customer to change the last 20 per cent of the configuration to meet the organisation's specific needs.

The preconfigured format, which incorporates proven practices for each vertical market, means implementations take on average 50 per cent less time and customers see a return on investment sooner.

The OneCouncil local government solution is fully integrated and covers all council functions, including finance, human resources, payroll, capital works, asset maintenance, fleet management, licences, permits, inspections, rates, and customer interaction.

Hurstville City Council Chief Information Officer, Fresia Segovia, chose TechnologyOne when investigating options to upgrade Council's IT systems as the existing software was no longer suitable.

"In conjunction with Randwick Council, we decided to look for an established provider with a long history in the local government sector, which had done all the ground work to develop tailored software.

"In short, we needed a proven, best practice, out of the box, integrated solution.

"Following an Expression of Interest (EOI) phase, it was agreed that TechnologyOne was the best solution for our two Councils."

"TechnologyOne is currently being used by more than 60 Councils throughout NSW."

A cost comparison over 10 years showed that implementing the new TechnologyOne OneCouncil solution would result in a far better return on investment than the council would have gained by maintaining and using its existing systems. It also minimises the inherent risk to business operations that are involved in implementing a new solution.

Ms Segovia said the value Hurstville City Council will realise outstrips the investment.

"We will soon have a truly integrated property and rating system, which will allow us to streamline a range of business processes," Ms Segovia said.

"Our HR system will be upgraded from basic modules, such as a staff directory, to a whole suite of e-services for employees to automate leave, entitlements, payroll and more."

Hurstville City Council will phase in OneCouncil over the next two years to ensure the change for employees is carefully managed.

TechnologyOne Executive Chairman, Adrian Di Marco, said the new proven practice, integrated enterprise solutions represented a major step forward.

"To achieve our vision we have invested millions of dollars and realigned our sales, research and development, and consulting teams," Mr Di Marco said.

"We did this because our customers told us they wanted to be guided rather than being given a blank sheet and asked ‘what do you want?'.

"People often don't know what is possible, or what other organisations in their sector are doing, so we had an opportunity to gather all the data based on our previous experience and devise a template to show our customers what could be achieved with integrated software."

Mr Di Marco said the new approach would reduce implementation time, cost of ownership, associated risk, and the complexity of the projects, as well as providing a better experience for customers.

"We can quickly and easily finetune each solution to meet customers' specific needs and help them realise a faster return on investment," Mr Di Marco said.

"We have always had the ability to implement our solutions quicker than our major competitors, but this puts us even further ahead."