TechnologyOne releases ‘game-changing’ software update

Leading enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) provider TechnologyOne (ASX: TNE), today announced the new release of 2018B, its second major upgrade in 12 months

The feature-rich update of its enterprise SaaS solution contains an incredible 389 new enhancements which are each designed to save time and money for the tech leader’s global customer base, keeping them at the forefront of innovation.

The 2018B release has a core theme of ‘connecting enterprise’, and the development has benefited from deep engagement with the TechnologyOne customer community. A staggering 20 per cent of new features were designed specifically from user input and feedback, supporting the fact that the company has long had highly engaged relationships with users.

TechnologyOne’s SaaS solution is a single instance of software, delivered globally, and runs all customers’ entire organisations across government, higher education and the corporate sector. It produces massive economies of scale, which unleash cost efficiencies that other hosting providers cannot come close to.

“We make a commitment to our customers to provide twice-yearly major releases of our software, reviewing every single line of code and integrating a vast array of new features,” said TechnologyOne’s Chief Operating Officer, Stuart MacDonald.

“The 2018B release continually evolves our offering and guarantees TechnologyOne’s enterprise SaaS platform is future proof regardless of whether you are a federal or state government agency, local council, university, TAFE or private corporation.

“Every new feature delivered is geared towards making life easy and improving productivity for our customers, who can have the latest and greatest software on the market without ever needing to concern themselves with the upgrade,” said MacDonald.