TechnologyOne modernises QLeave's business processes

Technology One Limited (ASX: TNE), a leading Australian provider of enterprise business software solutions has announced the successful implementation of a custom built software project for QLeave, the Portable Long Service Leave Authority for the Building and Construction Industry in Queensland.

The customised development of the Building Registration and Claims System (BRACS) by TechnologyOne’s Project Services team has modernised the way that QLeave conducts its fundamental business processes. QLeave can now electronically register and maintain employer and employee details, manage worker service records and process claims and payments for long service leave. Employers and employees are also able to perform self-service functions over the Internet.

With a database of over 15,000 employers and 220,000 employees and the requirement to process over 4100 claims per year totalling over $22M the BRACS System has created numerous efficiencies for QLeave, including increased productivity of employees through streamlined claims processing, decreased expenditure on data entry and reduced maintenance time on the former system which was no longer supported.

Graeme Wilson, General Manager of QLeave says, “Until now we have had a high level of reliance on physical documentation and this meant that we were investing a significant amount of time and money into data entry. At the end of the financial year, when all employers are required to lodge a worker service return form, we had to employ additional people just to cope with the sheer volume of data to be processed.”

In contrast to the former system, where most employers and employees had to submit paper forms by fax or mail, BRACS allows claims to be processed online.

The system also allows for validation criteria to be set by QLeave, resulting in automatic processing of entries that match the specified criteria, without intervention from QLeave. Since the system went live on July 11, over 6,000 employers have lodged their end of financial year updates with over half of these processed automatically and immediately.

BRACS is also compatible with QLeave’s imaging system, enabling them to keep electronic records of historical data, fulfilling auditing requirements. Other integrations include Adobe Software, allowing automatic letters to be generated and sent to new members; connection to the document management system and a number of peripheral systems which were linked in a joint effort between QLeave’s internal developers and TechnologyOne consultants.

Prior to selecting a TechnologyOne solution, QLeave undertook a rigorous search of the market, speaking to a number of technology vendors to determine the best-value and highest-quality solution for their needs. The organisation also liaised with its NSW equivalent, which recommended TechnologyOne’s Project Services team which designs, develops, implements and supports applications for organisations with unique requirements where an out of the box solution does not meet their needs.

Mr Wilson says that he has been extremely pleased with the implementation and the service from TechnologyOne.

“I am genuinely happy with the choice we made to contract TechnologyOne for our software needs. The Project Services Group were highly competent and took the time to understand our business and our unique requirements and have developed an application which has dramatically improved our overall business processes and enabled us to provide streamlined and improved services to our customers. From the outset, we have had an excellent relationship with the whole team and their project management ability is first-rate: they were sophisticated without losing the personal touch.”

Adrian Di Marco, Executive Chairman, TechnologyOne says that this implementation really highlights the expertise TechnologyOne has in providing its customers with world class enterprise software solutions which meets their specific needs.

“Since 1987, TechnologyOne's Project Services team has been delivering fixed price, fixed time software development projects successfully. The origin of our software development philosophy comes from our experience in developing Australia’s leading enterprise wide software applications and the team combines our customer’s unique requirements and business opportunities with our proven application development infrastructure. Our engagement model also fosters an open dialogue. We keep all stakeholders fully informed, and there are no surprises.”