TechnologyOne Keeps Strathclyde Partnership for Transport moving

TechnologyOne's integrated financial and procurement software has gone live at its first customer site in Scotland.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport chose TechnologyOne over a host of well-established providers in 2008 after a rigorous evaluation process, and is now reaping the benefits of the company's integrated software solutions.

The TechnologyOne software gives Strathclyde Partnership for Transport more control over its procurement function and improved reporting features will provide faster and more detailed reports across the organisation.

The financial system will also generate all management and statutory information for the organisation.

Neil Wylie, Director of Finance at Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, said that TechnologyOne was chosen because of its superior software and services.

"TechnologyOne is an absolutely solid product, it is very good. However, there was some stiff competition from other products. What really swung it for us was their responsiveness to our requirements, and the impressive reporting capabilities," said Mr Wylie.

"The TechnologyOne system is easy to use, for both finance and non-finance people, and it has a modern look and feel. However, by far and away the biggest win for us are the reporting features."

"Managers now receive information on their desktops much more quickly and they are able to drill down to the detail behind the reports."

Adrian Di Marco, Executive Chairman of TechnologyOne, said that the company has built its reputation on providing easy to use, highly functional software that can meet the ongoing and changing needs of organisations such as Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.

"TechnologyOne concentrates on providing solutions that are powerful enough to meet an organisation's need for accurate, usable financial and business systems, and yet are well designed and easy to use," he said.

"As public sector bodies like Strathclyde Partnership for Transport come under ever more pressure to reduce spending, it is critical to have a system that provides detailed information quickly to support both day to day accounting practices and strategic management."

As the first phase of the implementation is complete, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport will now focus on rolling out asset management and timesheets applications across the organisation.