Private Sector Welcomes Another ALP term in Queensland

Founder and Executive Chairman of TechnologyOne, Adrian Di Marco, has extended his congratulations to Premier Anna Bligh after her re-election on Saturday and says he is looking forward to continuing to work with the Queensland State Government.

A leading figure in Queensland business, Mr Di Marco believes that Premier Bligh’s re-election will ensure the positive working relationship between the public and private sector will continue.

“The Queensland government under Premier Bligh has been progressively engaging more and more with local industry, especially the ICT sector.”

Mr Di Marco said that with Government support, Queensland’s ICT sector could potentially rival Silicon Valley in years to come.

“There is simply no reason why talented Australian software developers cannot achieve what their counterparts in other countries have.”

“The Queensland ICT industry contributes more than $30billion in revenue to the state and employs 70,000 people, and with Premier Bligh’s support this figure can become much higher,” he said.

“TechnologyOne’s recent contract to supply the SmartCab system to the Department of Premier and Cabinet illustrates that the government has begun to see the capabilities of Australian software developers and understands the importance of supporting a Queensland international success story.

TechnologyOne is headquartered in Brisbane with offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the UK. The company earns more than $110 million in revenue per annum by providing software solutions to a range of sectors including health, education, local government, utilities and state and federal government.

“We’ve just won a $2m contract with SeqWater in Queensland to supply our Financials, Supply Chain, Human Resource & Payroll, Enterprise Budgeting, Business Intelligence, Works & Assets, and Enterprise Content Management solutions.”

“These government organisations are starting to see that a Queensland based supplier is able to provide better value for money and better service than the multinational they have favoured in the past, which is encouraging.”

Mr Di Marco believes that the Premier’s commitment to creating new jobs will benefit organisations throughout Queensland, especially those in the Queensland ICT industry.

“Premier Bligh’s commitment to job creation and stimulating the Queensland economy is very reassuring. TechnologyOne employs more than 750 staff, with over half of these based in Brisbane, so a commitment to help protect these jobs is great.”

Mr Di Marco has long been an advocate of government and private sector organisations working in partnership to drive innovation and efficiency.

“We’ve worked with the Queensland government in the past on projects that have seen departments and agencies gain huge advantages.”

TechnologyOne’s work with Queensland State Archives has modernised the way Queensland’s archival public records are catalogued and accessed by the public, especially through online access to digitised copies of resources. Resources are now quicker and easier to access.

Mr Di Marco believes that the new government has been presented with an opportunity to continue to help develop Queensland industry move forward and build on its national and international competitiveness.

“Premier Bligh’s success in this election signals a new direction for Queensland, and I am looking forward to engaging with the government to help keep industry strong.”