Pittwater Council’s online certificates give customers what they want without delay

TechnologyOne Ltd (ASX:TNE), a leading Australian provider of enterprise software solutions, has today announced that its Property & Rating solution has enabled Pittwater Council to automate and make available online their processes to provide section 149 cerificates and section 603 certificates. This has streamlined business processes by reducing turn around times from between three to four days, to a matter of minutes.

These certificates are typically required by solicitors managing conveyancing for property transactions. The 149 certificates provide zoning and planning information for properties while section 603 certificates provide details of utstanding rates requiring payment.

Previously the process for obtaining certificates at Pittwater Council required a person to physically lodge their application n person or by mail with a cheque.

Applications were then manually processed by the customer service and finance departments, before being passed on to the property department where information was compiled and posted back to the applicant.

Using TechnologyOne eCertificates, applicants simply log on to the council’s website, request the certificate, select the information required, receive instant notification of the fee payable (depending on the amount of information required), and make a secure online payment for the service. Once the payment has been authorised a PDF version of the certificate is emailed to the applicant.

The process is completely automated for the section 149 certificates and does not require any intervention or interaction by concil staff. 603 certificates can also be fully automated.

Chris Tubridy from Pittwater Council said the entire process has been completely streamlined, from the collection of payment to the retrieval of information.

“eCertificates allows us to deliver a much higher level of customer service, by providing the customer with an instantaneous online solution to their information requirements.”

More than 39% of certificate applications are now being processed online by Pittwater Council, substantially reducing the administrative burden previously involved and enabling funds to be used for better services and faclities for rate payers.