Improving the ‘Bottom Line’ with TechnologyOne’s Human Resource & Payroll

More and more national and international organisations are turning to a software solution developed by Australia’s Technology One Limited (ASX:TNE) in an effort to curb wasteful Human Resource spending.

More than 35 medium to large organisations have adopted TechnologyOne’s Human Resource and Payroll solution this year, including the Samoan National Health Service, Spinal Injuries Association and the Baker Heart Institute.

General Manager of TechnologyOne Human Resource & Payroll, Iain Rouse, said the market for this type of software in Australia was worth between $40 and $50 million.

“The skills shortage and economic conditions in Australia are driving organisations to better manage their human resource functions to improve recruitment, retention and staff development,” he said.

“Commercial and Government organisations are becoming more HR savvy and are seeing the business benefits of using advanced software to automate human resource functions.

“For example, if an employee has been working more than 70 hours a week for a length of time, the software automatically alerts the HR department and relevant managers so they can take steps to avoid employee burn out and extended sick and stress leave.”

TechnologyOne’s HR & Payroll solution drives automated people processes, including recruitment, employee leave entitlements, staff appraisals, salary reviews, promotions, awards and entitlements, grievance handling, travel activity, timesheets and payroll. The solution forms part of the company’s best in class, enterprise suite of software solution, which includes Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Budgeting.

Logan City Council is one customer who was already reaping the benefits after installing TechnologyOne’s HR & Payroll solution late last year.

Chief Information Officer, Jim Barclay said the online payroll, training and development, organisation management, occupational health and safety, recruitment and employee performance functionalities were particularly beneficial.

“Our business has a very strong people focus and staff culture. Having a ‘position-based’ human resource and payroll system that attaches information to particular positions, even when people move on or new staff members are introduced, has been hugely advantageous,” Mr Barclay said.

“Under the former system all the information was attached to a particular person - and this information became obsolete or required modification to link it to the new person.”

“TechnologyOne Human Resource & Payroll attaches the information to a position which usually changes a lot less than the staff members who occupy those positions. When you take into account promotions, leave, staff turnover and special projects, the number of changes in a person-based system can be horrendous.

“If I as the CIO were to leave Logan City Council, there is absolutely no change to the entitlements that go with the position, so there is no spending days working out what the requirements are for the new person coming in.

“This is essential when you consider that some of our people who work in hazardous areas such as construction sites, confined spaces, beside or on major roads have certification requirements attached to their roles. With a position-based system, we know exactly what educational or training requirements are necessary for the position.”

Logan City Council is a diverse organisation with some 1,200 employees including engineers, accountants, road workers, gardeners, librarians, mechanics and surveyors, all of whom are governed by a wide variety of awards and entitlements. On average there are 200 staff movement/turnovers each year.

“Key to serving the needs of its citizens is ensuring that the Council has an effective staff retention strategy, as well as ensuring that when there is change, a smooth staff turnover occurs with minimum disruption to the services the Council provides,” Mr Barclay said.

“The size of the TechnologyOne customer base using the solution spoke volumes about the company’s commitment to after sales support and its ongoing development of the software.

“We feel that with so many different councils using the solution and providing feedback to TechnologyOne, it is likely this collective wisdom would be incorporated into the software in the form of new features and benefits.

“The fact the R&D team also has a consistent approach to development means upgrades to features and functionality are uniformly applied across the solution suite.”

Celebrating its 21st year of operation this year, TechnologyOne has been offering the Human Resource & Payroll solution since 2001.

This experience is proving to be a key differentiator in the marketplace which values the company’s experience with the development of best practice methodologies in the Human Resource space.