Consumers unlock enterprise systems straight-jacket

Australian companies are embracing the move towards role-specific enterprise software platforms as end-users call for easier to use applications. 

Dissatisfied with unflattering returns on investment from multi-million dollar ERP architectures, Australian companies are increasing end-user productivity by providing them with a solution unique to their day-to-day business requirements.  

TechnologyOne Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said with the pervasiveness of consumer technologies such as mobile phones, PDAs, instant messaging, and sophisticated internet-search engines, users now expect the same rapid response and rich information from their enterprise software. 

“Users no longer want business to dictate where to store and how to access data,” Mr Di Marco said. 

“Sites like Google and eBay have become so pervasive because they’re driven by flexible, integrated, web-based enterprise application environments which deliver information on-demand.”

In early 2005, following several years of R&D into user-focussed enterprise business software solutions and customer feedback, TechnologyOne released its next generation platform, the Connected Intelligence series (Ci). 

The Connected Intelligence series delivers significant user experience improvements, greater company-wide penetration of software services and improved business productivity. The series represents a fundamental shift in the way enterprise software solutions are designed. 
“Enterprise business software vendors must keep up with consumer technology to maintain a high-level of user acceptance,” Mr Di Marco said. 

“TechnologyOne embraced the drive for consumer technology in 2001, and we are well advanced in our development of a number of new productivity tools, such as sophisticated search functionality on the desktop, and widgets (also known as Konfabulators) that send alerts and to do tasks to users’ desktops. 

“Organisations can further enhance return on investment of their Ci infrastructure by adopting consumer-driven concepts, such as PDA, SMS and email alerts which push high quality, real time information across their enterprise.

“Many organisations think productivity gains can still be delivered through pervasive business technologies. 

“However, their employees want easy-to-use, personalised working environments because they’re not happy with the out-dated functionality offered by most existing enterprise systems.” 

Over 100 organisations have now committed to embrace TechnologyOne’s Ci release, and deliver the significant improvements to their users.