Clients reward Technology One's shift to people centric software

Australian organisations have rewarded Technology One for its decision to develop people centric software, with more than 50 new clients now having implemented, or in the process of implementing, the Connected Intelligence (CI) version of its financial software solution, contributing to the company’s record sales growth in the 2005 financial year.

Technology One’s CI series represents a significant shift from functionality centric to people centric software.  One of the major advantages delivered by the CI series is the ability to tailor the user’s workplace to the individual and their role within their organisation.

Executive Chairman Adrian Di Marco said the company’s latest software series allows every user of the system to design a workplace unique to their requirements, with all of the tools they require to do their job available on this screen. 

“Our CI series of software delivers a solution that is built around our users’ requirements and provides a superior user experience. We have delivered a totally integrated solution that is easy to use with minimal training required,” Mr Di Marco said. 

“This means that the solution is deployed to more users across the company who actually want to use the software, delivering a real return on investment by allowing an organisation to extract full value from their purchase,” he said. 

“This is a turnaround from traditional systems that are overly complex, deliver a poor user experience and are never fully utilised by an organisation.”

Technology One’s CI series has been built from the ground up to incorporate web service capability, allowing the company to deliver on the promise of true connectivity well ahead of its competitors.

“Web services allows organisations to connect their applications seamlessly, without the need for costly interfaces to be developed.

“This means is that our clients don’t need to throw away their investment in their legacy systems, allowing them to extend their return on investment.”

The CI series combines all the benefits of web technology, with a rich desktop interface to manage every user’s sophisticated  requirements, from the CEO, to the casual and power users.

“We have delivered on this exciting shift in technology that ultimately makes it easier for our clients to manage their business with more effective data capture and unparalleled access to information.”

The company’s technical direction is part of its overall research and development strategy that allows it to remain one step ahead of its competitor’s development, whilst remaining focused on its customers.

“Although we use advancements in technology as a catalyst for change, we continue to remain focused on delivering a solution to our current and future customers that ensures they are provided with the best possible benefits that this technology has to offer. 

“We understand the need for our customers to realise a return on investment in their Technology One solution, and we believe a key metric in achieving this is met with our CI release,” Mr Di Marco concluded.